Encryption of MPEG-2 Video Signal based on Chaotic Neural Network


  • T.A. Fadil UniMAP
  • S.N. Yaakob UniMAP
  • B. Ahmad UniMAP
  • A. Yahya UniMAP


In this paper, a cipher system based on chaotic neural network (CNN) is used to encrypt and construct a stream cipher of compressed MPEG-2 video signal. The symmetric cipher algorithm transforms the plaintext compressed video data) into the unintelligible form under the control of key; this algorithm has high security and simple architecture with low cost hardware. However, if the size of neural network is increased, the required execution time for CNN encryption and decryption process will be decreased. The whole system model can keep the original file and provide good video quality and reduce the required bit rate which is very suitable to limited bandwidth channel. The proposed system - is also suitable for secure video transmission applications and wireless multimedia communication.




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Fadil, T., Yaakob, S., Ahmad, B., & Yahya, A. (2012). Encryption of MPEG-2 Video Signal based on Chaotic Neural Network. Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET), 3, 35–42. Retrieved from https://jet.utem.edu.my/jet/article/view/211