Abrasion And Mechanical Properties Of Keratinous Based Polyester Composites


  • I.O. Oladele
  • N.I. Agbeboh
  • B.A. Isola Federal University of Technology Akure
  • O.O. Daramola


Cow hair fiber, Unsaturated Polyester, Composites, Mechanical, Abrasion Properties


In this research, the abrasion, mechanical and water absorption properties of treated and untreated short and randomly dispersed cow hair fiber reinforced polyester composites were studied. This was carried out in order to investigate the influence of chemical treatment on the cow hair fiber and other parameters on the developed composite materials. Polyester resin reinforced with alkaline treated and untreated cow hair fibers was produced by hand lay-up technique in predetermined proportions. Abrasion, mechanical as well as water absorption tests were carried out on the developed composites. The results showed that the composite samples reinforced with untreated cow hair fiber showed better enhancement in all the properties than those reinforced with treated cow hair fiber. Optimum tensile properties were obtained with 15 wt.% while 20 wt.% gave the optimum flexural properties. Samples reinforced with 10-15wt. % untreated cow hair fibers had the highest abrasion resistance, while the sample with 4 wt.% cow hair fiber addition had the highest water absorption resistance for both the treated and untreated composite samples.

Author Biography

B.A. Isola, Federal University of Technology Akure

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering




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Oladele, I., Agbeboh, N., Isola, B., & Daramola, O. (2018). Abrasion And Mechanical Properties Of Keratinous Based Polyester Composites. Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET), 9(1), 71–87. Retrieved from https://jet.utem.edu.my/jet/article/view/2203