Performance of Energy Regenerative Suspension System through Laboratory Testing


  • A. E. Mohan
  • M.A. Abdullah UTeM
  • J. F. Jamil
  • F. R. Ramli
  • M. A. Salim


Conventional suspension system provides ride comfort to passengers by absorbing the vibration and dissipating it to the environment. This paper aims to investigate the enhancement of regenerative suspension system (EReSS) in order to harvest energy from the vibration of vehicle suspension system. The system has been tested and accomplished utilizing laboratory test rig. The output voltage harvested up to 32.76 V at 400 windings. In accordance to the obtained results, it is observed that the proposed system can minimize the energy wastage due to the vibration and produces effective electrical and electronic utilizations. In addition, the output voltage of the EReSS can be affected by the number of windings of the coil and diameter of the coil. The EReSS has been proven successful in harvesting energy; therefore, it can be used on hybrid and electric vehicle to improve efficiency of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption.




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Mohan, A. E., Abdullah, M., Jamil, J. F., Ramli, F. R., & Salim, M. A. (2016). Performance of Energy Regenerative Suspension System through Laboratory Testing. Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET), 7(2), 17–27. Retrieved from